Thursday, April 14, 2016

Turkey Creek Make and Take wood kit, 2015, part 2

Splitlog Wagon Wheel Factory

This turned out to be too long as one post, so I split it up, to make it easier to navigate.  

A screen shot of some of the roof details and the wall fan I 3D printed for the factory. 

 I designed the chimneys with a few bricks missing, as the I model 1949, and the factory would have been abandoned for many years.  For rust, I used Sophisticated Finishes iron paint and rusting solution. 

I test fit the details to see where they looked the best.  These were all printed on my Afinia home printer.

 I also added a couple roof vents on the lean-to.  Note the chimney's I put on the interior, so that if you look through the windows, the chimney's going through the roof have something supporting them on the inside.

 The diorama is about 12" square.  I formed the base from foam and covered it with hydrocal.  

 The loading dock was mostly made from pieces from the scrap box.  As an abandon building, I made the dock with a couple holes in it, and weathered it heavily.  

The wagon wheels were 3D printed at Shapeways to my design.  I painted them a tan wood color, then stained them with Alcohol and India Ink.  For the steel rim, I painted the edge with Sophisticated Finishes Iron paint, then rusted the iron with their rusting solution.  The letters to the lower right were printed on my home printer, and are for the companies sign.  Note that upon rusting the rims of the wheels, that I also rusted the glass.  It scrapes right off, but with Sophisticated Finishes Iron paint, you can literally rust anything, including glass.  The picture on the right shows the pile of rust from scraping the glass with a hobby knife.

I used a ponce wheel to make the nail holes.  The view from the back.  The tall grass tufts were cut from some natural fiber string.  

Lighted to show the broken windows.

The wagon wheels were 3D printed at Shapeways, as my home printer would not produce the quality I desired.  Since then, Afinia has upgraded the software, and it will do better, but still not as nice as Shapeways.  

The damaged pallets were printed on the Afinia printer.  Most of the grass is Woodland Scenics.

The gravel is Woodland Scenics, and the dirt is, well, dirt.  I sifted it year ago.

Several photos of the front.  The windows are Grandt Line.

The roof vents were glued in place with a mixture of Alene's Tacky Glue and black craft paint.  It give a nice tar like appearance. 

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  1. Very, very nice model Kent. I am truly impressed.