Monday, March 16, 2015

Log cabin, 3d printed

Ever since I 3d printed the slab siding cabin, I have been trying to figure out hoe to 3d print a regular log cabin.  I am not sure this qualifies as a regular cabin, but it works.  I wish the logs had come out a little rougher, so I will have to work on that.

 Just as a test, I drew up a 16' square cabin.  Having played with printing wood shingles, and pretty will failed, I decided this would be another chance to give it a try.

 I exploded the drawing for printing.  Note the roof ridge cap to the right.  I have not figured out how to get a wood shingle ridge cap to print right, so I went with a copper cap.

 Here is the roof with the top flattened to accept the copper cap.  Note that this is printed standing on one end, and then no support material is needed.

A screen shot of the cabin sitting on the build platform in the Afinia 3d printing software.

The roof was printed in this position.  Here is the first print during assembly.  

After priming, I painted the logs a light tan color, then dry brushed them with various grays and 

The roof was painted a dark gray, then dry brushed with light grays.  The roof cap was coated with Sophisticated Finishes Copper and weather with their weathering solution.  The rusty stove pipe was done the same way, but with Sophisticated Finishes Rusty Iron.

I think, when I get time, I will add some branch knobs to some of the logs.  

I have several project going, including another gas station, and machine shop, but those are on the back burner while I work on the Turkey Creek Division challenge model for the May meeting.

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