Wednesday, March 4, 2015

HO Auto Hauler KitBash

Somebody on one of the 1/87 scale vehicle Facebook groups posted a picture of a Road Champs Auto Hauler that they had kit bashed to use in HO scale.  As I recall, they said the had to widen the trailer, but I did not find that widening was needed.  Regardless, once I saw his kitbash, I just had to have one, so I quickly got on ebay, and picked one up.

Obviously, for my era, 1949, the tractor was not going to work, and the vehicles it was hauling went straight to the junk pile.  Actually, that junk pile, along with the tractor went up on ebay, and were out of my way in no time.

I took four Classic Metal Works (CMW) vehicles and test fit them on and in the trailer.  To my surprise, and delight, they fit like the were made for it.

I decided to pair it up with a CMW White tractor, which took some filing on the metal pin on the trailer.  But a simple conversion, none the less.

The most obvious thing to me that needed done was the ladders needed opened up.  A little time consuming, but not too hard.  I drilled a small hole in each corner, then used a hobby knife to slowly cut through the plastic.

Then I took a small square file and cleaned up the holes as best I could.

The center ladder is cut out, and it makes quite a difference

The plastic solvent welds with Methylene Chloride (Tenax, Ambroid ProWeld, etc.), but it is a little more flexible (rubber-like) than styrene like a lot of toys.

A test assembly after priming.  

I felt I needed some sort of company name on the trailer, and I only know one person that ever drove such a rig..., so now he has a transportation company. 

 There were moulded in tail lites, so I painted them yellow and red, and put a dab of gloss paint on them.  The wheels and tires came out of the junk box.

I want a red tractor with two rear axles, but I do not have one.  That will go on the list of things to buy.

Loaded and ready for delivery.

About as simple a conversion as possible.  Give it a try.

Here it is with the Classic Metal works 46-49 Ford tractor.  It is much smaller than the White tractor, and does not seem to fit as well.  I am going to hold out for the White Super Power with dual rear axles.

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