Friday, October 25, 2013

From O scale to HO scale, a Plasticville Kitbash

In one of the many online groups I belong to, someone mentioned that the O scale Plasticville hanger was obviously too small, and would be an easy kitbash to HO scale.  I ran across one at a hobby shop in Columbus Ohio, so I picked one up.  This is what the manufacturer shows it is supposed to look like. 
 The planes are not even large enough for HO scale, let alone O.  I sold the planes on ebay for half the cost of the kit.  It seems to be a reasonably rare kit, and many times the planes were lost, so the collectors are looking for the planes.  

For scale purposes, here are a couple HO fire trucks to give you and idea of how small the building really is.

Certainly not O scale, except the side doors, which are way to big for HO.  Both sides are the same,  so I had two doors to hide, or do something with. Someone on suggested and overhead door, and another suggested adding an office wing.  Those sounded good to me, so I did both.

The overhead door was easy.  I cut out a section, framed in a door, and used some corrugated plastic for the roll-up door.

On the other side, I cut out the same square and designed a shed roof office addition to be 3d printed.

For printing on my Afinia printer, I exploded the drawing as shown above.

Here is what the windows looked like as they come from the printer, and

here is what they look like ready to paint.

Because of all the glass, I felt I needed to detail the interior.  For that I used a combination of things I printed on my printer, and more detailed items I designed and printed at  In this view you can see the rolltop desk and chair printed at shapeways.

The desk on the right was printed on the Afinia printer, as was the desk and file cabinet in the fore ground. The chairs were printed at shapeways.

The tables in the corner are from the scrape box.  The flowers and vase on the right are scratch built.  (I made a bunch of flowers for an earlier project, and so have lots left over.)  The lamp on the table in the left corner was also printed on the Afinia.

I probably could have scratch built the whole thing with not that much more effort, but I like the idea of telling people, "that is an O scale kit.  The roof has multple skylights, and a couple vents.

I painted the vents silver that rusted them up with Sophisticated Finishes iron rust, one completely rusted up and the other only slightly.

The vents are on the back half of the roof, and on the front are a couple small skylights.  I painted them with Sophisticated Finishes Copper and Patina solution.

On the center front of the roof is a cupola skylight that is supposed to have a wind sock on it.  I painted it white and gave it some rust around the edges.  SOooo the question is, how does one model a wind sock in HO scale?

From this overhead shot, we can see the large center skylight, and the placement of the office to the left.  I plan on adding a fuel tank in the corner behind the office, but I will probably wait for that until I get ready to install this on a layout.

 The signs were made from computer files I have collected over the years.  I printed them on good photo paper, sprayed them with flat finish, and glued them in place.

With the door open you can see in the office, and the soda pop machine.  The planes are from AHM, and are listed as 1/100 scale, but that is probably just close to right, knowing AHM.

I have several airplane kits that I hope to get to one day, but in the mean time, these old models will do fine as stand ins.

I did a hanger previously, a one plane hanger that you can see here:

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