Saturday, October 19, 2013

Arch Roof Garage, low relief back drop building

This is an experiment build.  I was just wanted to try some different techniques and ideas, and this seemed to be a good building to use for that purpose.  I have no idea what I am going to do with the structure in the end.

I wanted to prints some items that were about as wide as my printer would allow, and, although the roof came out fine, I had some issues with the walls.  They had some warp that was a little hard to work around, but I think that since this project, I have figured out the issues.  1.  Make sure the print platform is level; it was off a little when I printed this.  2.  Preheat the print platform, which I now always do.  

A drawing of the assembled building.

Here are the exploded parts, oriented for printing.  I actually printed it in several pieces, as this would be too large for my printer.  The roof needed to be turned 45 degrees in order to fit on the build platform.

Here are some of the parts.  The roof has been primed, and the walls and doors are ready for primer.

The I-beam above the garage door is a styrene shape, not something I printed.  I am going to try printing something similar in design with the roof material printed in transparent, so when the building is lit, the light will shine through.  Generally not what one might want, but there are many translucent roof panels, and I want to give modeling some a try.

Here is the building pretty close to done.  I may add some more signs, and I do need to add window glass.  If anyone is interested in the signs, I will be posting them on

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