Sunday, January 8, 2017

Video of Machine Shop

A couple of short videos of the machine shop.  I gave it a spin on a turntable.  Construction of the building, which is 3D printed on a home printer, can be seen here.  Since the video upload to Blogger is so poor, here is a link to it on Youtube,

Most of the interior details I designed for printing at Shapeways.  The design details were covered in several posts last year.  The first covered the Metal Shaper and the Bandsaws.  The second instalment covered the Large Lathe, Vertical Milling Machine, Air Compressor and Bench Grinder.  The third post covered the Surface Grinder, Horizontal Mill, Drill Presses and Welding Tanks.  And here is a Youtube link for the interior video,

The details from Shapeways can be purchased at:  The set includes a smaller lathe that is not in this shop.

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