Saturday, October 31, 2015

Concrete blocks, O Scale, 3d printed

I have been printing quite a few individual blocks for people, and I thought I would try to print a pallet of blocks.  Then I decided, what the heck, lets try to print the wood pallet too.

 I have not performed any cleanup on the block, I just primed them.  The pallet did take some cleanup to make it anywhere near reasonable.  

 There were some strings hanging down that needed filed off, then a little sanding on the faces.  The pallet was painted with craft paints.

I changed my design since I printed this one, and there is less stringing now, but still one or two at each board, as I am printing this without any support, and few strings will sag.  A touch with the hobby knife, and they are gone.

 A little sanding on the faces of the blocks would help them, but I wanted to show what they look like right out of the printer.  

The extreme close up shows all the flaws.  And since I don't model in O scale, I don't have any use for them anyway.

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