Monday, January 6, 2014

Doc's office, Shoe Repair & a couple of Tractors, Woodland Scenics #3

The Doctors Office and Shoe Repair buildings come as one kit.

From, the parts for the kit.

Doctors office.  This is sold as a doctors office that houses two doctors and an nurse, which, given its size, is preposterous.  For that reason, I did not use their signage.  At best, I would think this building would have two rooms and a bathroom.  Although this is a metal kit, it does have wood sides.
I added a few details, the electric meter on the side, and...

the guttering and roof vent pipe.  

For roofing, I used some paper with a black sand type coating that I picked up at Michaels.  I will use it again

Shoe Repair.  The second building in the kit also has wood sides, but has metal casting on top and bottom.
The only detail that I added was the plumbing vent through the roof.

I need to do some weathering where the gutter downspout water would run down the rock.  

Steel wheel tractors.  These represent a 1930's tractor, or so I am told.  These were a pretty much an adventure to assemble.  When I opened the package, it was missing one of the front wheels, but had an extra back wheel.  Luckily, or through bad buying practices, I had another set in the stash, so I opened it, hoping it might have the part I needed.  Certainly it did, but it was missing a steering wheel, and had five seats.  These must have been packed on a Friday.

 Assembly was fairly easy, not as much clean up as some of their kits.  I assembled them with five-minute epoxy, and primed them with rattle can metal primer.  Then brush painted them with ModelFlex John Deere colors.

I weathered them with and wash of A&I, and some rust paint on the wheels.  

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