Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 Turkey Creek Build Challenge entry, Larry & Steve's Quality Automotive, part 2

In case you missed part 1, where I cover construction of the main building, 2016-turkey-creek-build-challenge-entry

A lot of scenic items and the small building were from the Woodland Scenics Smiley's Tow Service.
The parts in the Woodland Scenics kit.

 The diorama is about 12" square. The posts were cut from dowell stock, and the horizontal boards are from the Woodland Scenics kit.  I drilled holes of each post, to they are installed solid.  I used whatever I had laying around for the fence.  

 I had never used static grass before, but I was not going to spend a ton of money on a grasser.  I built mine using instructions by Ken Patterson.  Here is a link to his video,

 I am not good with electronics, so if I can make one, any one can. The parts I bought to the left and the leftover parts for use someday for something to the right.

Here is the finished grasser.

Some examples of the applied grass.

I used several different brands of grass.  Whatever was available at the LHS.

I cut the souped up engines out of some old Hot Wheels I picked up at a flea market for 50 cents, and set them in the parking lot, as though they had just been delivered.

Larry and Steve are converting the old junk yard into a speed shop.  

 Larry and Steve have started fixing things up, a new sign, a new roof on the office, and replacing the bad boards in the fence.

 A view from the back, shows the patchwork fence still in place there.

 Details came from the Woodland Scenics kit, the junk box, and I 3D printed some.

 The vehicles, well the ones that are not junk, are from CMW.  The flatbed on the red truck is 3d printed, including the wood bed.  Here is a link to a blog entry I did on 3d printing with wood infused filament, 3d-printing-with-wood-wood-infused-pla

I circled a few of the items that I designed and 3D printed.  As mentioned in the previous installment, the roof ridge cap was printed in copper.  I have a couple of blog posts on 3D printing with copper, 3d-printing-in-copper part 1 and 3d-printing-in-copper-2-3-weathering.  The Chimney was also 3D printed.  In the front corner of the fence is a pile of copper scrap.  This is scrap from printing in copper, and I ground up the scrap in a blender before weathering it.  The gate, including the corrugated metal were also 3D printed.  To the left are the four truck bodies I designed and printed, including the trash truck body.  Two the car frames were printed, and the one mostly buried in grass came with the Woodland Scenics kit.  The two big wheels, pole road engine wheels, the large tires next to the trash truck, and the fan blade were also printed, as was the yellow car body in the near corner.

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