Sunday, December 11, 2016

2016 Turkey Creek Build Challenge entry, Larry & Steve's Quality Automotive, part 1

The main building was part of the 2016 Turkey Creek Build Challenge.  This was a kit put together by a team of Turkey Creek members, and the wood was cut out on a CriCut.

When I started writing this post, I assumed I would be able to cover this diorama in one article, but it just drug on too long, so there will be two entries, one on the main building, and one on the rest of the diorama.

The plans, as seen above, and below, were drawn by a Turkey Creek member.  All the parts are shown above, including the Grandt Line windows.

A close up of the plans (as if you did not know that).  I changed the kit slightly, by adding a garage door on the front.

The wood cut on the CriCut is quite then, so they recommend a lot of bracing.  One cannot have too many clamps.

I weathered the outside with Alcohol and India Ink (A and I), and painted the interior with flat black.

I painted the fenestration wood color, and then slopped on some A and I, as can be seen on the items at the top of the picture.

Rather than using strip wood for the roof framing, I 3D printed the roof framing.  Above is the drawing in SketchUp.

This is the view on the computer of one side of the main roof loaded into the printer software.

A short video or the rafters being printed.

I solvent welded the two halves together with Methylene Chloride.  Since I generally print in ABS, Methylene Chloride works great.

For the stairway roof, I used cardstock, and then

covered it with roll roofing.  This roll roofing was left over from last years Turkey Creek kit.

I dabbed on some rubber cement, then brushed on some paint.  Peeling off the rubber cement, give a peeled paint look.  I dry brushed the doors and windows. 

I used real wood shingles.  The is cherry veneer, and it is available at most craft stores.  I picked this up at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

 I cut the veneer into various width strips, and glued them to black construction paper.

I then cut the rows of shingles 1/4" long.  I glued them to cardstock I attached to the rafters. 

I designed a ridge cap, and 3D printed it in Copper infused PLA. (more on Copper infused PLA can be seen at 3d-printing-in-copper and more at 3d-printing-in-copper-2-3-weathering.)  

I also used A and I to weather the shingles.  Note that I left a little gap between the shingles and let a little black show through.

Larry and Steve just bought the place, and are in the process of fixing things up, turning the salvage yard into a Hot Rod shop.

A couple new engines in the parking lot.  

A view of the finished roof.  

In a future installment, I will cover construction of the rest of diorama.  

Last years Turkey Creek build and be seen at these two links.  

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    Nice Work!

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