Saturday, August 13, 2016

More "N" Scale, or Just for Giggles #7

Since I don't model in N Scale, I only do items in N Scale for when it fits my time.  Fred Miller ask me if I could make Teepee's for a Teepee Motel.  I figured, why not give it a try.

Fred supplied me with several prototype pictures,

and I dropped them into SketchUp.  Only the door took any real time.

Here is the teepee, still sitting on the printer.

A little clean up.

Fred Miller took all these finished pictures of the module he built.   

Just darn cool.

The trading post is a Blairline kit,

Nice sign.

Thanks to Fred Miller for allowing me to share these pictures.

The complete module, check out the cool road.

Outside entrance stairs
At a show, I was selling the HO version of these, outside-entrance-stairs-for-ho-scale, and a gentleman asked it I could make them in N scale.  I figured I would give it a try, and he said he would pick up a couple from me at a show in Springfield, MO.

The guy never showed up, but I sold all the stairs I had with me.

Concrete tilt up wall
I had a local N scaler contact me about the possibility of making sections of concrete tilt up walls.  

He had drawings to work from, so it was pretty straight forward.

You would need several to build a building of any size.  Certainly easier that glueing up styrene.

About the only other things I have done in N scale can be seen here, n-scale-or-just-for-giggles-3

HON30 cars, made from N scale cars, n-to-hon30, not 3D printed

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