Saturday, February 2, 2013

Details on the other side and the roof

This post will cover the 3d printed details on the roof and the other side of the building.

Here is a view of the other side of the building and a good view of the roof.  On many model railroads, the roof is the one side of the building that is the most visible, yet so many ignore the detail possibilities.  This particular building kit came with the chimneys, and detailed roof material.  I  added an access hatch and roof drains (note the corresponding drain tubes made from brass tube at the base of the building). 
These vents were printed a shapeways, and are 3/16" diameter at the base.

 This kit, due to it's design, had several seems that would look better if slightly hidden.  The pipe on this side, and the electrical service on the other were placed to distract the eye from those kit flaws.  The pipes I designed are hollow, real pipes, and can be assembled in just about any configuration.  These were printed
in the FUD (Frosted Ultra Detail) material, and are quite brittle.  Bending them or putting them under any stress will cause them to fracture, but with care, the go together rather easy.  Next time I will cover a few other details for HO scale structures walls and roofs.  In future posts I will be covering some lumberyard details and a small engine repair shop.  Both, detailed with items I designed and had printed at shapeways.  There will also be a few items in the upcoming posts that were printed on an Afinia H series printer.

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