Saturday, December 6, 2014

Quick HO vehicle kitbashes, Fire Truck & Tow Truck

These two are about the simplest HO vehicle kitbashes that you can do.  The back half of both are Athearn models, and the front half are from CMW (Classic Metal Works).  

 The fire truck was the easier of the two.  I was able to use the Athearn frame, and just needed to remove the bumper and file the gas tanks to get the CMW cab to fit.

Then I welded the bumper from the CMW frame to the Athearn frame and added the bumper mounted pump from the Athearn back on the the front.

 A pretty easy, one evening back kitbash.

I need to add a beacon to the roof, but I seemed to have misplaced the ones I had printed at  Now I will just wait until I get the SLA printer I have on order, then print one..., or a dozen.

The tow truck was more work, but only slightly more trouble,  I did have to cut the frame and weld the CMW and Athearn frames together, so maybe not anymore trouble.

 In both cases the CMW truck was a single axle tractor, so those parts went in the scrap box, while the Athearn cabs went in the junk to sell box.

 On both trucks, I used the Athearn wheels and tires.

I do need to decal this for some company, but I don't know who yet.

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