Sunday, December 28, 2014

A couple small dioramas, using failed 3d printed parts.

Not a lot of modeling time, and even less time for 3d printing and such, as we are remodeling a bathroom.  I have received a laser cutter kit, but have not found the four hours or so needed to do the assembly.  Then I will need to figure out how to use it.

Abandon block building, 3d print failure.

I am in the process of building a small machine shop with a completely detailed interior, all 3d printed.  The building is close to done, but the machinery will have to wait on the arrival of an SLA printer, and the time to figure out how it works.

This is a test fitting of some of the parts.  However, while doing a test print of the walls, the extrusion nozzle clogged, and I ended up with only half the walls.  Instead of throwing away the walls, I built a diorama of an abandon, falling down building.

Here is a raw picture of the print, after removing some of the blocks to give it a crumbled look.

I still need to add more junk, particularly lots of concrete blocks.

The walls, when the print job failed, were all the same height, but I broke and cut some parts off to make it look like it was falling down.

The truss, also a 3d printed item, had a little warp in it, so I threw it on the floor, with one end through a window.  The office wall remains, in the top of the photo, is made of stripwood and paper,

The loader bucket is also a failed print.  The connections on the back did not form properly for its intended use, so I used it as junk.

I added electrical conduit and boxes, the boxes are styrene, and the conduit is waste material for changing colors of filament in the 3d printer.

I cracked the floor using a knife and stained up the floor using A&I.  Then I threw miscellaneous stuff from various junk boxes around the scene.  I drilled some holes in the floor and planted some weeds.  Still more junk to add, but I am probably years from installing on a layout, so I have time.

Scale House

I probably started this 20 years ago, seriously, maybe more than that.  I was just using some scraps I had laying around.  The scale house is scratch built from wood, and the windows and door are from the scrap box.

The inside details are a scale and man printed on some transparency film and back lit with an LED.

I will most likely use this at refinery on the eventual layout, but we will see.

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