Friday, November 28, 2014

Tube Gon, Depressed Center Flat, WP Gon

See, I do build things that are not 3d printed.

OSTX Safe Loading Pipe Gondola
This tube gondola is a kitbash based on a Walthers Ready-to-Run model.  I use decals froOBS-CALS decals.

 One end was cut out, and brass wire and tube were used to build the special end.
The prototype..., interestingly, I don't seem to find any pictures of the real thing, except in copyrighted magazine articles.  Drawings fall into the same category.

The model from Life-Like, as show in a previous post,

Depressed Center Flat Car
I picked up the basic hunk of metal at a show, no trucks, no details, just the piece of metal.  I added brake details, trucks and gave it a coat of paint.

1953 Authenticast catalog page.  I believe this is the car.  Thank you to!

Lettered for my Kansas City, Fort Smith and Gulf railroad.

National Cast Car Co kit build.
This gondola was built from a kit by National Cast Car Co. of Ontario Canada.  NCC supplied the side and end castings, the floor is just a sheet of styrene, and the under frame is from an Athearn gondola.  To the best of my knowledge, this is the only kit they ever produced.

I had long since lost the prototype information, once I got around to building it.  When I got ready to paint and letter it, I set it aside, hopping that I would find it, but after waiting a couple years, I just lettered it with some decals I had laying around.

I have a couple small dioramas that I should finish up over the long weekend, one of which is actually using 3d printed parts that were failures.


  1. The OSTUCO car does not have Jerry Glow decals but OBS-CALS decals. I drew and printed them and you are one of teh customers on my mailing list.

    NIce car, well done.

  2. Thanks, fixed the blog above. Are they still available? If so, please give your ordering info, and we will see if we can't sell a few for you.

  3. Smeesh. I never saw your reply to my comment until today. And that was only because a modeler contacted me about the decals. Yes, I still have the artwork and a working printer so I can and will print additional sets for anyone that needs them. And, since I print per order, the sets will always be fresh, even if they are ordered months from now.
    John Hagen (sprinthag @ no spaces, or John Hagen, 21050 George Hunt Cir., Apt 821, Waukesha, WI (262) 395-4828 or (262) 385-4450.