Wednesday, November 19, 2014

HO Wrecker KitBash, Matchbox bed with 3d printed details, IMEX Cab

From this

To this

Bed with out the added pulleys and rigging.

3d printed pulleys added.

I started the project by first acquiring the Match Box model I needed, and then figuring out how the rigging should work.  Once I figured that out, I went about designing and engineering where the pulleys would and/or could be mounted.

I knew the parts would be fragile, so I printed out twice what I actually needed, just to be covered if I broke or lost a part.  This is the actual drawing, as sent to for printing.

 The parts as they came from

 I used CA to glue the new parts in place, and drilled holes in the metal bed where needed to install rods to hold the pulleys.

 Painted and ready to string some cable.

The cab is from IMEX, I just cut the frame and glued it with epoxy to the Matchbox bed.

The gas cans in the back are also 3d printed at shapeways, as is the beacon on the roof.

The decals on just from the decal box.

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  1. The cab is PERFECT for that bed. Great way to resurrect an old matchbox wrecker I have from my childhood. Wheels are perfect, too!