Saturday, July 6, 2013 diorama, Part 3, HO scale Model Railroad Diorama

Since I am blogging mostly about 3d printing as it applies to my model railroading adventures.  Let me first state that the reason I have not blogged in a while is because I have been busy modeling (printing).  A lot of modelers take the summer off for outside activities, I, however, watch the KC Royals, and model.  The 3d printer, an Afinia H Series, seems to have broken, so I will be talking to tech support on Monday, and, I would assume the extruder is broken, and I will need to ship it to MN for repairs.

The last section in this 6" x 6" diorama is the three window wide four unit apartment building.  This is a picture of the first drawing of the front of the building.  For this project, I decided to model the back, but in general, they are the same, except I am adding wood decks to the upper floors on the back.

This is the drawing, similar to the print file, that I used for the top floor.  Due to the print time, each floor was printed separately and glued together later.  This top floor alone took over three hours to print.  So figure three hours per floor, plus the windows, the unit probably took over 12 hours to print.

Here is a good shot of the front giving a good view of the detail in the blocks and the foundation.  A lot of this detail will not be so visible once the decks are installed.

From this higher angle, we can see the open hatch for the roof access stairs.  The roof access stairs and hatch are a one piece print, an hour and twenty minute print.

I will have more on this project later.  The entry was originally due on July 4th, but the deadline was extended, so I have added several details, some 3d printed.

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