Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jordan Spreader Kitbash, + 3 Tank cars, Blue Boxes, etc.

I did not take virtually any in progress pictures of this project.  Just guessing, but I probably started this five years ago.   I believe I have all of  the Roundhouse 3-in-1 kitbash kits.  The other two  
I built the handrails with styrene, and the generator using the hood from an N scale locomotive. 

 I weathered the model with craft acrylics, then used weathering powders to blend it all together.

 A little goes a long way, and I always put down a paper towel to keep it from getting everywhere.

Link to the directions on one of the designers pages,

 Ready for window glass.  

 A rear view, showing the brake detail.
 The frame is the same frame as the Roundhouse Old Time Tank Car.

 Lots of sheet and strip styrene in this kitbash.

Other 3-in-1 kits can be seen at these links.

I was going through my collection of tank car kits, and came across these three Athearn blue box kits, and figured they would be quick builds.  


  1. Nice model. That is a whole lifetime supply of weathering powder! What are you using?

  2. It is powdered mortar color. Sticks to about anything, and very difficult to get off. It is available at lumber yards and concrete suppliers. The same product as some weathering powders offered in the MR hobby, but for pennies on the dollar, by comparison.