Saturday, May 25, 2013 diorama part one is having a diorama contest, and I will have several blog entries on the 3d printing portion of the project...this being the first.  For HO scale, the contest is limited to 36 square inches, and I went the simple route, and did mine 6" x 6".  The rules were pretty simple, and can be viewed at should anyone really care. 
My concept was to model the back of three townhouse/row house units that backed up against the tracks, this being the first concept drawing.  The blog entry will cover the right most unit, the unit features a metal standing seam roof, and a dormer.

This is one of my early drawing.  My main interest was to learn more about 3d printing model railroad structures, and getting these done in time to use in clinics I am presenting at the Mid-Continent NMRA in a few weeks. 

As is normal on a new design, it takes several attempts to get everything correct to print.

Here is the roof sections in a trial assembly. 

This was printed in several pieces,  The main walls were done in three sections, foundation, first floor and second floor.  They could have been printed at one time, but the length of time to print it was prohibitive for me.  The top floor alone took over two hours to print.

Each door and window is an individual piece, although they were all printed at the same time.  The roof and dormer is made up of three pieces, plus the window, and then the steps are one piece.
     In order to form the blocks, I actually drew individual block, and they are each printed separately.  But, because they are printed touching each other, the melt together a little.  In this case, I used one of the possible negatives of this type of printer to my advantage.  This does add to the print time, but while the wall is printing, I work on some other project. 
     I used clear transparency film for the windows and printed the blinds on paper.  Someone on kitforum had a pdf I downloaded of blinds, and they printed out well.
Next time I will cover the middle unit.

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