Sunday, March 24, 2013

Roof access, 3D printed for HO scale Model Railroad structures

On most model railroad structures, the roofs are more prominent than the fronts of the buildings.  This makes the roof details important for the visual affect.   

I designed and drew three variations of ladder access roof hatches.  One closed, one open and one with a hatch than can be positioned as desired.

This is the stairs and hatch as it comes from the printer, with the raft and support material still attached, not only to the item, but to the plate items are printed on.  At this point, it really doesn't look like much.

After removal of the extra material, it begins to take shape. 

This close up view, give a better idea of what we are going to end up with.  I have printed a couple of these now, and the clean up quick and easy.

Here are several finished views.  I have yet to install this in an actual structure, but I make a make shift roof to display it. 

I still have several posts in planning stages, including some outside access stairs for structures, pictures of both the finished small engine repair shop and the Barnstead Lumber diorama. 

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