Monday, November 1, 2010

November HO modeling

Pulpwood car, converted from old stock car
This is based on a prototype from the Maine Central. This is not meant to be a copy, I just got the idea from some Maine Central pictures and drawing in an old NMRA magazine. This started out as a Bachman stock car. I cut two sections our of each side, the spliced them back together as one section to put in the middle where the door was originally. Obviously, I also cut off the roof. I have not added any underbody detail yet, but at this point, not including applying the decals, it only took about 2-1/2 hours to get it to this point. I printed the decals on white decal paper, which I would not do again. Clear would have blended in better to the white background. I also need to add some data decals.

Roundhouse Metal Kit
This old kit from the 1960's arrived in pieces mixed with lots of other parts. I actually found all the parts scattered between a couple of boxes I had received. I was able to match the paint color and complete the kit. It had been assembled previously, so I had to do some modification to the coupler boxes to bring them up to spec.
How is that for a car number? 5,261,884. I don't recall ever seeing one that long, but this was numbered in honor of my grandmother on my mother side, and the car road number is here date of birth, and no, I don't believe she drank wine at all. Family folk lore has it that some of the Sardou clan in France makes wine. I can't find any evidence of that, but I really like these European cars. I Americanize them a little with a brake stand and decals.

LTL Dry bulk containers
I have two cars like this and had to make a road number change on this one in order to be able to run them both at the same time. I used some Solveset to remove the old number and printed out some decals for new numbers. Did a little weathering and called it good enough.
Linde Tank Cars
A couple LifeLike tanks that I renumbered like the car above, but this time I needed to renumber two cars. There was a Linde plant down in Neosho, so I have several Linde cars on my roster.
Diamond Chemical Tank Car
This was an old Ready-to-Run car, but I added some decals, as the manufacturer left off some the details. The car came with no road number markings, no data and the "Caustic Soda", and the plant location below that were not on the model. Also I added warning signs decals.

That is enough for now. Back to laundry and some more modeling. Some day I may actually do some scenery.

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