Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I really have to get off this vehicle kick and get back to modeling a railroad

Dale Kerns Construction Pickup

Yes, I agree, in real life it would be a sin to cut up a Studebaker truck, but it could have happen. This is one of the re-released Stony Mountain Studebaker pickup truck kits with the bed cut off and a Classic Metal Works bed attached. FWIW, this is a 1937-39 model. When I worked for Dale 30+ years ago, he had a old faded service bed truck similar to this, but not a Studebaker.

Easy Ed Koehler Pickup

Speaking of 30+ years ago. At Pittburg State, my construction instructor was Ed Koehler, affectionatly known as Easy Ed. Certainly one of the people I learned more from than most. This is a Wheel Works all metal kit. A real pain to put together, but it has nice detail. This is a 1934 Ford.

Next up, the Central Concrete Fleet. I am in the process of kitbashing 9 different cement mixers. Three for each major city along the Kansas City, Fort Smith and Gulf HO model railroad. FWIW, niether Kansas City or Fort Smith are to be modeled, but I will have some cement mixers lettered for the Fort Smith Center Concrete location. The other two locations will be Joplin and Springdale.

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