Friday, October 1, 2010

September Modeling

Little time to model this month with a couple shows and a bad back, which seems to be better now. Maybe I just need to shed 80 pounds. This first car is an old Roundhouse metal kit. I bought this some time ago from the River Road, but it was in pieces, a junk box, with lots of other pieces. The vintage HO yahoo group pointed me to the right pieces to complete this model. In reality, it is a hybrid of sorts. The sides are Roundhouse and the underframe is Athearn, but also metal. I really have to get some scenery on the pink hill.

Next is a scratch built gondola. The plans are from an old magazine, and the material was to be wood. Being that newer materials are available, I used styrene for my model, and to give it plenty of weight, it has a 1/8" steel plate instead of the 1/8" wood used in the magazine article.

Next is a gear load, i love open loads. Can't remember where I got the gear, but it made for a nice oversize load. It is displayed on a vintage Varney flat car.

I don't know who the manufacturer is on this kit, and I don't know where I picked it up. Similar to an Athearn in some ways, but not the frame, which is like a AHM. No mame on it. I did some weathering to cover some wear marks. Gulf Oil is my favorite private car owner, so I have lots of tank cars for gulf and other related companies. That will do it till next time, when I hope to have some of my concrete truck fleet to show.


  1. Your gondola looks great, what magazine did you get the plans from? Did you scan them, and by chance would you share the plans?

    1. It was Model Railroader, 1967, February. If you need a copy, send me an email at nvrr49 AT yahoo DOT com