Friday, February 17, 2012

Oh no, more vehicles

I thought this was a model RAILROAD blog. Where is the railroad?

What can I say, the next batch of pictures to work their way to the top does not have any railroad items. They are all HO scale, so they are scenery.

This is a 1946 International, from Greg's Garage. These are out of production one piece solid resin castings.

1948 Ford Coupe, a Magnuson one piece resin casting.

I kitbashed the water truck from a Roco military tank truck and a Greg's Garage 1947 International truck.

1942 Buick from Stoney Mountain. Another solid resin casting. The one piece resin vehicles are easy to work with and cheap, but the detail is just not there, and can't be. To use them in a scene, they have to be in the back ground most of the time, or certainly not the focal point.

GHQ Low Boy trailer with a Woodland Scenics dozer load. These are both cast metal kits, and have nice detail. Unlike the resin cast kits above, these make great fore ground models, and are not that hard to assemble.

This 1940's Autocar cab is a Greg's Garage casting that I married to a Magnuson tanker body.

I am working on some 3D printed items, and should have them ready to blog about by next week.

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