Saturday, February 11, 2012

Call it a comeback

My oldest, Jason, posted to his blog, , which prompted me to get back to mine. This is my first full day off after working 26 in a row. Really the first day I have spent model railroading in more than a month.

Here are some pictures of a couple of HON30 flat cars, one with stake pockets, and one with out. These were kits that came with cast metal frames and laser cut decks. I added a few details, like the Grandt Line turnbuckles, and the stirrups are not the ones supplied with the kit. There was a gentleman on the HON30 Yahoo list that was selling these, and they were an easy build.

I am working on a gas station diorama, that will include a used car lot with a junkyard in the back. Below is a casting from Stoney Mountain. I started a little weathering and rusting ahead of installing it in the scene.

This is the first rolling stock I have lettered for the Kansas City, Fort Smith and Gulf railroad. This little caboose is kitbashed based on a PRR prototype. As I recall, it is a Bachman underframe and a Roundhouse body, with the body shortened. The roof is made from sheet styrene.

I would end this like Jason ended his entry, " have a Peachy day", but I don't care for Peaches, so it just doesn't sound good to me. Hopefully my next entry will be in a week or so, instead of a couple months.

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