Sunday, August 22, 2010

August Freight Cars

I have found time to finish up a couple model railroad freight cars. This first one is a vintage Varney tin kit. I did some repairs and weathered the deck. Otherwise it was assembled per the kits instructions.

This next car is a Jouef European prototype double cask wine car. I have labeled it for the my mother, and no, she does not like wine, but her ancestors/relatives in Europe made/make wine.
I did a lot of weathering to this model as the original assembled model was very plastic looking. I added American prototype details and carved off many of the European prototype details. I used individual letters to decal all the larger lettering. I kept the original wheels, but I may have to change them, as the flanges are so deep that they run in to the tie plaates on code 70 track.

This Gulf Good Gas car is a Model Power RTR model. Since I plan on modeling a Gulf refinery, I have one of most Gulf Oil models offered in HO scale. I don't believe this is based on a prototype, and the logos on the model were too new for the late 1940's era I am modeling. I painted over the old logos and printed new decals, and applied them over the newer era logo. I did some moderate weathering, and highlighted some of the details, on what is generally a low price/quality model.

My next installment, later this week, will feature some HO scale vehicle kitbashes I have been working on.

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