Saturday, July 25, 2009

Last weekend

I applied paint to sixteen different models last weekend. I have to apply most paints when the wife is away, as many smells bother her. I really did not finish very many, but I sure made a lot of progress.

The pipe load, an item interchanged with the River Road, was weathered lightly and dullcoated

I am not done with this RS-2 yet, but I did want to prove I do have some motive power. This is an Roundhouse RS-3 unit that I back dated to an RS-2 by moving the battery box and adding fuel site glass and fueling inlet to the right side of the cab. FWIW, the RS-2's were meant to be run long hood forward.
I am getting some stuff ready to sell at the Turkey Creek Train show next weekend and I am going to offer some stuff up to the Yahoo Vintage Group if they will just pay the freight and get it off my hands.

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