Saturday, April 18, 2009


I am starting by posting pictures of some of the vintage cars I have built.

This is a Cannonball Car Shops flat styrene kit. painted, lettered and weathered.

Red Ball NYC Coal Gondola. Metal kit with Roundhouse Fox trucks. Painted, lettered, and weathered.

Varney paper side gondola. I laminated the paper sides and ends to styrene, then used CA to glue the sides and ends to a solid steel bottom (the car weighs in at over 5 oz.) I used the original trucks and underbody detail, what little there was, to keep some of the vintage look.

Varney Express Refrigerator car. I laminated the paper pieces to styrene and assembled to wood floor and roof. I added tissue paper to the roof for texture.
That's all for today, gonna go ride the new bicycle

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