Monday, April 2, 2012

A Freight car and a Caboose

For this entry I have a couple HO railroad cars I have finished.  

The first is a old Varney Ohio Seamless Tube car with loading rack.  These models were also sold as standard gondolas, without the loading rack, and with the rack as seen here
 I purchased this is well used condition, so it took some rebuilding of damage on the loading end, and some touch up on the paint....also a little weathering to hide some of the damage.  

Next up is a drover caboose.  A drover caboose is a caboose and a passenger car of sorts.  Drovers were the cowboys taken on cattle trains to care for and wrangle the cattle.  Particularly when the cattle had to be unloaded or taken out for scheduled breaks.

This is a old, really old, Red Ball paper side kit with metal cast details.  I added some interior details, but you really have to be looking to see the people sitting in their seats.    

Next up, I am working on a 144 square inch HON30 layout, and I have another bunch of details ordered from  Lots of details being printed.  It has been hard to find time to work on model railroading, as I have started my own manufacturers rep business, and time is at a premium right now.


  1. Just would like to point out your "Red Ball" caboose is actually a Silver Streak car (they got bought out by Walthers in the 60's I believe). I have the same one myself, half-built. Nice find on the Ostuco gondola, too - that's somewhat of a rarity with the loading rack. I keep looking for it myself, but only have the version painted on an ordinary 40' gondola. Have you any prototype pictures of it?

  2. Actually, no, mine is old enough it is a Red was in the box as a kit when I obtained it, along with the Red Ball instructions.

    And, yes, I have a picture of the Ostuco gon in service from a modeling article.