Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October already, where did September go?

Lots of work time in August and September, so not a lot of modeling got done. I have LOTS of projects going on, including a couple dioramas, and another one I am starting this week. Why finish anything, just start more projects. Just started a static baby articulated 2-4-4-0T. My first attempt at anything steam engine related.

This is a Greg's Garage solid resin casting of a 48-53 Chevrolet with a bed I scratch built out of styrene. The palletized earth mover tire is from the junk box. The pallet should have been set on the bed 90 degrees from the way pictured, as it would be hard to load and unload sitting that direction, but I have unloaded worse messes.

This is a Keystone cast metal kit. It is an HOn3 model, two to a kit, and I have a couple more to assemble. Most logging railroads were marginally maintained, so I am planning on weathering all the logging and mining equipment heavily. In this case, the car numbers are hand painted.

Here we have an Ertl model of a 1949 Peterbilt. I bought it as shown, with a nice weathering job

The gazebo is a Woodland Scenics white metal kit. It was damaged, so I had to pin a couple of the spindles. Oh no, a fourth diorama, I am going to build a park, gotta have some place to put this.

Next week I will have several open loads for flat cars, a caboose and two HOn30 flat cars, along with a tracked loader and a lowboy trailer. Happy model railroading

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