Saturday, August 13, 2011

Central Concrete HO Scale Trucks

#9, Fort Smith

Central Concrete #9 was built from a diecast model from an unknown manufacturer. I picked up the models Trainland in Springfield, MO, and they have no markings on the as to who the manufacturer was. Besides the painting and custom decals, I added the ladder and related equipment along with the details on the rear. I also added a wrap of styrene to the mixer cylinder to make it a little larger. The wheels and tires are from the junk box.

#11, Joplin

This model is a kitbash of a Stoney Mountain 1938 GMC cab to a Matchbox Lesney Foden mixer. The Matchbox model had no details on the back...nothing but an open cylinder. I used Mini-Lindy wheels and tires, added mirrors, tail lights and other details.

#12, Joplin

Another model from the unknown manufacturer that I used for #9. I believe the front tires and wheels are Magnuson, the back ones are from the scrap box.

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